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Welcome to Everbeauty Collection!


This is the homepage of our website. We update the order phase monthly and you may refer to the calendar or phase here ( You can choose to ship 2 consecutive phase's orders together after completing the payment of order. For e.g. you place an order during A07, you can choose to ship together with B07, but not with C07 phase. You can switch your currency to MYR or SGD. 这是我们的页面。我们每个月会更新此页面,您可以查看下单期数和日历。当您已完成汇款后,可选择跟下一期一起邮寄。例如,您在A07期下单,可以选择留着与B07期寄出,但不能与C07期寄出。您可以更改网站的汇率(马币或新币)。


This is the login page You can choose to log in so you can keep track of your order easily and use credit balance or cashback from your account during checkout. If you have yet to register an account, you may register here or continue with facebook. 这是登入页面,如果您未登记,您可以到登记页面或通过脸书通过登记。您能检查和追踪您的订单,而且在结单汇款时使用有多付的余款或CASHBACK。


You are now at the cart section, click CHECKOUT to proceed to place order successfully. 添加物品后,将显示购物车。请点击CHECKOUT 进入完成订单,不然是还未下单成功。


If this is your first purchase or you do not checkout with account, you have to fill in the shipping address details. 如果这是您第一次下单或您没登入户口结账,您需要填写寄货地址资料。


If you have log in to your account during checkout, your address might be pre-filled. You may choose to use the credit by just clicking "Apply" to deduct the credit at the total. All the extra balance being paid or cashback will be shown at credit box. 如果您结账的时候是登入着户口,您的地址可能自动填写好。多付的邮费或CASHBACK将显示在CREDIT BOX, 您可以点击APPLY 使用,将在TOTAL 扣除。


You can select the courier company at shipping method and add a remark (if any). 您可在邮寄方式选择您想要使用的运输公司。


You can select payment method and the proceed to click " PLACE ORDER NOW" to complete your order. 您可选择付款方式后,并点击PLACE ORDER NOW 以完成订单。

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