Return & Refund Policy 退货与退款条规 (Applicable to Local Orders Only)

Thanks for shopping with us! 感谢您的光顾!

We're here to help if you wish to request for return & refund. Please read the following instructions and complete the form below. 若需要申请退货或退款,请阅读好以下的资料。

All sales are final. We do not accept returns or refunds unless you receive defective or wrong item(s).

We ACCEPT returns for 允许退货原因:We DO NOT ACCEPT returns for 不允许退货原因:
Defective items received 接收瑕疵品Accessories and lingerie due to hygiene purposes基于卫生考量,首饰和内在美物品不允许退换
Wrong items sent 接收错误货品Items damaged by negligence (e.g. washing chemicals) or results of wear and tear 因个人疏忽导致货品受损

CRAZY SALE/ PROMO/ VALUE BUY/ Free Size items 被列入的货品

We will not entertain any returns if you do not inform us first or late in returns or collection in store. 我们将不接受任何未通知或迟退货的货品。

Products NOT considered as defects if 以下物品不列入为瑕疵:

  1. There might be 1-5cm differences in the size chart given due to the different stretchable quality of the material and the way measurement is taken. 由于不同布料的弹性和人手测量尺寸,可能会有大约1-5CM 的差别
  2. The colour of product varies. 色差原因将不接受
  3. The position of print/design may vary slightly due to the cut of fabric. 基于剪布原因,每一件的花款位置会不一样
  4. Minor issues (e.g. loose thread, size shrinks after wash or little scratch marks) 线头,缩水或布料压印等问题

Backorder and pre-order items 补货和预定款

Cancellation of order for the above items are not allowed. Please note that there will be a slight delay from the ETA dates due to manufacturing or shipping issue. If the ETA has been delayed by 14 days, we will contact you for the next action. 由于物流或厂家交货时间会有些许延误,如果您下单了补货和预定款式将不接受取消,除非货物被延误14天。

Restocking fee 退货手续费

All returns will be subjected to a restocking fee of 20% per item value, except for defective or wrong items received. 每个退货的物品将征收20%的退货手续费,瑕疵或接收错误货品除外。

Refunds 退款

Once we received your item, we will inspect the item and process the refund within 3 working days. All returns will be refund as store credit (after deducting restocking fee), except for defective or wrong items received. 收到退货包裹后,我们将检查货品。我们将在3天工作日处理退款。所有退货将以CREDIT 方式,扣除了退货手续费后退款进您的官网户口下次扣除。瑕疵或错误物品将会全额退款,您可以选择CREDIT下次扣除或付款方式退款。

Shipping 邮费

If the items are either defective or wrongly sent, we will be willing to bear the shipping cost. Otherwise, you have to bear the postage in both ways. 如果是瑕疵或错误物品,我们将承担邮费。否则您需要承担来回邮费。

How to return? 怎么退货

1. Please check the item you return is within the policy, after reading the instructions and contact us at 请确认您已读好条规,然后联络我们至MESSENGER。

2. Please ensure the return items are in original conditions with tag intact and all returns must be returned within 3 working days and the validity date starts from the date the courier company showed "delivered" to the address. Please provide us with the tracking number after posting out. 请确保物品在原始的状态并且TAG 还附在衣服上。所有退货必须在运输公司显示(送货成功)后的3天内邮寄及提供我们包裹追踪号。

Fair use 合理使用

If we notice an unusual number of returns or pattern of returns activity, it will be potentially lead to suspension of your account with us. 如果有不寻常次数或原因退货,我们将停止您的户口。

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